Remove Ads From Showbox

November 3, 2017

In every interesting show get disturbing the advertisements shortly called as ‘ads’. These ads are distracting your attention from the awaiting Shows. While watching the movies from Showbox, these kinds of ads are annoying you and so you get irritated. After closing the ads, it has been loading for an hour and exceeding too. You take many risks to watch your favorite Shows but it’s all been wasting your time only. I too face these kinds of problems while watching the shows from Showbox App. I have come up with a good solution to avoid the issues permanently.

Steps to remove Showbox ads on Android

Step 1
Go to ‘Settings’. You click the ‘Security’ option from it.
Step 2
You find the Device Administrators option and click it. You click to enable the ‘Secure Service’ from Disable option.
Step 3
You uninstall the Showbox App from your device. Go to ‘Downloads’ option which it stores the downloaded items and data. You will restore from this option and check out the Showbox.apk file. You can download Showbox App and install it.
Step 4
Open the Showbox app. As Usual, you watch the movies and TV Shows without showing ads.

Steps to remove Showbox ads on PC

Like Android, you won’t remove ads easily from PC. It takes many steps to follow the removing ads. You can handle different kinds of procedures for different versions. It has a trickier job to eliminate the ads from your device. It’s going to do easily your work with such tools are Spyhunter, Reghunter, WiperSoft and Ad Blocker plus (ABP), etc.

Step 1
Download and install the Ad Blocker Plus on your device. Get the Chrome Extension from it.
Step 2
Once you enable the ABP extension and you watch movies and favorite Shows from Showbox without any disturbance.

Spyhunter helps to remove the Trojan virus from Showbox and your device too. Reghunter helps to optimize and fix the errors.

From these kinds of tools, you follow the simple procedure to resolve your problem. These tools are very effective and operative for fixing the ads and other viruses. You feel like disagree with the steps and also you don’t waste your lot of time. Don’t Worry! You try an easy method with saving your time. Download Showbox Ad-free Latest Version on your device, so you don’t try these steps. Therefore, Download Showbox App today and watch movies later.


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