What is Odin?

October 31, 2016

Odin is software developed and used by Samsung to rewrite the firmware in android phone. Odin is a Windows software tool and so it does not support other OS. It is also one way of unbricking the Smartphone. Odin is a Windows software used to communicate with smartphone and windows PC through USB cable. Odin is the only tool to reinstall your android phones firmware. No need to install it on your PC because it is a portable tool.
The android rooting guide is the best guide, helps you for how to use this Odin in your android phone. The following are the functions of Odin.
CSC: Consumer Software Customization is software package contains specific detail about region and APN.
BL: Bootloader is an option, used to bootload your android device.
PDA: PDA means inbuilt firmware or software on your smartphone.
PIT: Partition Information Table only require when you screw up the partition table or firmware needs to change the table.

Features of Odin:

Download Odin from the free and official websites to reinstall the firmware which is already on your android device.