What is Odin?

October 31, 2016

Odin is software developed and used by Samsung to rewrite the firmware in android phone. Odin is a Windows software tool and so it does not support other OS. It is also one way of unbricking the Smartphone. Odin is a Windows software used to communicate with smartphone and windows PC through USB cable. Odin is the only tool to reinstall your android phones firmware. No need to install it on your PC because it is a portable tool.
The android rooting guide is the best guide, helps you for how to use this Odin in your android phone. The following are the functions of Odin.
CSC: Consumer Software Customization is software package contains specific detail about region and APN.
BL: Bootloader is an option, used to bootload your android device.
PDA: PDA means inbuilt firmware or software on your smartphone.
PIT: Partition Information Table only require when you screw up the partition table or firmware needs to change the table.

Features of Odin:

Download Odin from the free and official websites to reinstall the firmware which is already on your android device.

Off-Page SEO Tips for E-Commerce website

Online stores are getting more popular nowadays. More than 45% of people in India are made their shopping in online. Buying all necessary products will save more money as well as time. Moreover, e-stores giants are providing many offers for a particular day or for several weeks or festival offers.

If you are having offline stores in multiple locations, then you can also promote your business via online. All you need is an attractive e-commerce website. You can approach ecommerce development company Bangalore to design your website.

Simply creating website won’t help you to get more sales. You have to promote it. That is SEO. More than 40% of traffic for e-commerce website come from search engine. So Linking building helps you to get rank on the top 3 in a search engine.

1) Research Your Competition.

First things are finding a competitor’s. If you are only selling organic products online, then your competitor’s are who are all providing services similar to you. Research your competition to know where they are getting backlinks. Use backlink analysis tools like ahref, majestic etc.

2) Article submission:

There are many high authority article submission sites like ezine articles, goArticle allow you to publish high-quality articles about your business. You can find unique feature in your business and write a quality article about it and submit it to article submission sites. You can find such article submission sites using these advanced search parameters.

allintitle:”keywords”+”submit article”

allintitle:”keyword”+”submit guest post”

inurl:”keyword” + articles

inurl:”keyword” + submit

3) Social Media’s.

Social media’s like facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest are the important medium to drive traffic. There are paid campaign are on facebook to get several amounts of post reach. Manage your social media pages regularly. This will help to reach more audience.

If you have enough money to invest in paid ads, then you can go with PPC and other paid advertisement. Either for search engine traffic or for PPC you should have a quality website. Design attractive e-store from the best website development company in Bangalore.

5 Ways to Increase Linkedin Followers

October 27, 2016

Everyone are familiar with this word linkedin?? ,no,Not everyone is familiar with this word linkedin, but each and every business people are familiar with this word linkedin. Linkedin is a professional social network site specially designed for business community.
Creating a linkedin page for your company is a easy part. Linkedin in profile page contains education details and employment history and it will allow you to view the another members post without having a connection with them. Through LinkedIn we can share your profile,photos,post and so on. Linkedin will help you in many ways like finding a job,recruiting new employees,networking etc.

So linkedin is a great way to improve your business. You can buy linkedin followers to increase your business conversation rate. Promoting your company page in linkedin and producing quality content that drives shares and increases your visibility. Here we will see ways to increase linkedin followers.

1)You should know your employees are on linkedin or not. If suppose your employees are in linkedin ask them,to add tour place as their workplace.By doing this way, they automatically become your page followers.

2)Optimize your linkedin page for search engine like google,yahoo,bing not for the user. Add related keywords in posts and descriptions.

3)To put a follow button on your website blog and use the linkedin company follow plugin.

4)According to linked, followers who engage with videos take twice as “many amplification actions”.(share comments,posts) as they do on nonvideo posts. so share youtube videos with your followers.

5)If you want to get more connections on your page. You can also buy linkedin connections from us. A large network to get more followers for your company page.