6 Famous Forts In Tamil Nadu

July 28, 2014

Forts are one of the tourist places where people like to visit in their leisure or vocation days. In Tamil Nadu there are different kinds of forts available which are built by ancient people. These forts have been visited by the people who live in Tamil Nadu as well from others who live in different parts of the country.

The forts show the historical events, the art, and sculpture from the ancient days. In ancient days, the sculpture and the art are different when compared to the modern days. The people lived in ancient days have good skills in art, science, medicine, sculpture and literature etc…

Here I list out some of the forts which I have always liked to visit every time during my vacation. Also, if you would like to get to know similar information in the form of lists.

Famous Forts In Tamil Nadu:

Famous Forts In Tamil Nadu

1. Vellore Fort

Vellore fort is one of the best forts in Tamil Nadu and it is located in the Chennai to Bangalore highways. People can travel through bus, train and flights, etc., to reach there. The people who choose to go through train have to get down at the Vellore Katpadi junction which is situated near this fort. The people who choose the flight path to reach the fort can use any of these airports: Tirupati Airport, Chennai Airport, and Bengaluru Airport since all are situated near to it.

The Vellore fort is located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. It was built by china Bommi reddy and Timma reddy under Vijayanagara Empire. This fort is fully made up of granites and it serves as the house for the Christians church, Muslims mosque, and Hindu temple and all religion people can visit’s this fort for worshipping their lord. This fort has the fame of keeping Tipu Sulthan and Sri Vikrama Rajasingha as Royal prisoners during British rule.

2. Kattabomman Fort

The Kattabomman fort is one of the most famous historical attractions among the forts in Tamil Nadu. People are allowed to visit this fort from 8.00 am-1.00 pm and 2.00pm-6.00pm. This fort is situated near Thiruchendur at salikulam. Kattabomman fort or it is widely called as Panchalamkuruchi fort in Tamil Nadu was built by kattabomman and it is one of the best tourist spot for the people who travel from Madurai to Thirunelveli.

Kattabomman fort was built on 6 acre lands where the Kattabomman memorial is situated. The cemetery of some of the British soldiers is also located near this fort. This fort always gives remembrance to the brave man, Kattabomman who fought against the British rule in Tamil Nadu. This fort was partly destroyed by the British during the war between Kattabomman.

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3. Fort St. George

Fort St. George is another one of the most famous forts in Tamil Nadu and it is in coastal areas of Chennai. This fort has been built by the British for the activities of trade and settlements during their conquest of India. These days, the fort is maintained by the Government of India. This fort serves as one of the examples for the military architecture of the British Empire and it has a Museum, the church, and the Wellesley house.

The fort is famous among the British people since the marriage between Robert Clive and Elihu Yale, the benefactor of the Yale University in United States has happened here. This fort cannot be visited by everyone since only authorized persons are allowed to visit it. The person who likes to visit this fort has to get permission from the Tamil Nadu legislative Assembly.

4. Krishnagiri Fort

Krishnagiri fort has been built by the king Krishnadevaraya in the Vijayanagar Empire. This fort is one of the strongest forts in Tamil Nadu and it is located in the Bangalore and Hosur highway. The location of this fort and the surrounding places are called as the Baramahal.

People visit this fort along with nearby places such as Syed Basha Mountain, and the KRP dam. If you are an old couple who finds it difficult to visit this fort because it is located on the top of the Syed Basha hills you can opt for other places like KRP Dam, gardens, etc…

5. Sivagangai Fort

Sivagangai fort is a quadrangular fort which has been built by the Nayakruler Sevappa Nayaka. This fort is situated in the Sivagangai district. Over the years, the building of this fort has been collapsed but the main entrance is still there as the Maruthupandiar remembrances. This fort includes Brihadishvara temple, Schwartz church and the public amusement park.

The Sivagangai tank is in this fort which is used for providing drinking water to people in the nearby areas. The people who visit the Sivagangai fort prefers to visit Thirumayam and Aranthangi forts as they are tourist spots as well. The Madurai Airport is near to this fort, so people from other country can visit this Airport without transport hassle.

6. Gingee Fort

The Gingee fort or Chengi fort which is also called as the troy of the east was built by the Chola dynasty. The fort is located in the villupuram district. The Chengi fort is still described as the “Impregnable fortress in India”. The trekking to this fort is easy for kids and women. People who are visiting this fort can also visit Krishnagiri and Chandrgiri fort i.e., Rani and Raja fort which are located nearby to this fort. The Chengi fort is one of the architectural marvels.

These are the forts which I often prefer to visit with my family, friends, etc., and these are mostly visited by the people in Tamil Nadu.