Relationships Have Become Like A Hand Shake

January 27, 2014

“First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. Least best is falling out of love”. As the years passed by, the meaning of love had changed from one person to another and so is the intensity of relationships has been affected. Valentine’s Day has always been a day for true lovers to be in love with their loved ones.

It is a day meant to express the feeling of being in love with those whom you love and to aspire to live with them till eternity. There was a time when people used to fall in love deeply with a respect towards relationship and commitment and used to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a real sense. Now-a-days, falling in love and getting into a relationship is as easy as going to a marketplace and buying your favourite dress or gadget.


Not much time to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is a good magician that pulls man out of his own hat, but today’s generation is so busy in their lives that they couldn’t even find time for their respective festivals and in such scenario expecting them to find space in their swamped schedule is a big time illusion. Once there used to be emotions in people towards Valentine’s Day when love was considered to be the most crucial part of their life. In today’s time, relationships and the feeling of falling in love has become like a handshake. There is no space for the word long term and adjustment in the dictionary of this transformation era.

Valentine’s Day is now just like another day for people. They do propose the love of their lives, but the commitment of being together forever is not their cup of tea. On one valentine they are with someone, then on the next they are with some other. The fondness for each other has disappeared and the real meaning of Valentine’s Day is vanishing from deep inside the people. The meaning of Valentine’s Day is limited to giving red roses to each other, going out with boyfriends or girlfriends and enjoying the outer line of the love relationship. They have no interest to know about the deeper sense behind the celebration of the day of love.

The motive behind celebrating Valentine’s Day has lost its charm and credibility. People now see Valentine’s Day as a destructive thought which allows giving that space to the teenagers in which they can easily get into relationships without even knowing what actually a relationship is. This is true that those people who understand the sensibility of love are always incapable of being in love as it always happens when it is meant to.

Today’s generation lives in their own world of opinions where love and affection is not limited to one person, it is about experimenting the feeling with various experiences. They take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to either get into a new relationship or to come out of the existing one.